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Mary J Blige’s ‘My Life’

Mary J Blige’s ‘My Life’ (2021)

Genres: DocumentaryDrama

Directed by Vanessa Roth
Produced by Quincy Jones
Starring Mary J. Blige, Sean

A compelling look at the life and work of Grammy-winning artist Mary J. Blige.

Merv's Roles: ArrangerComposer (Score)Drum/Perc. ProgrammingOrchestratorPianist/KeyboardistProducer

Merv was selected by executive producer Quincy Jones and Mary J. Blige to write the underscore to Mary’s feature-length documentary film, directed by Vanessa Roth for Amazon Prime Video. Since the score was composed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Merv performed many of the instruments himself and recorded additional musicians and a solo vocalist remotely via Zoom and similar platforms. The result is a poignant, emotional score, providing the perfect support for the film’s many interviews and animated flashbacks.

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